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Session VI: Emptiness – The Interconnected Edition

"No space in the ten directions, not one inch of great earth" - Zen Master Hakuin

In Session VI of the Ordinary Mind Meditation Podcast, we dive into the often murky waters of emptiness. We explore how this often misinterpreted concept is actually the stepping stone to understanding and balancing the Absolute and the Relative in our lives. We practice a general self-enquiry technique, a first step in the direction of discovering the most basic existential truth: Who Am I?


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Mark has been practicing Buddhadharma since about 2008. Starting out in a Theravada context and learning from outstandingly inspiring teachers, he then practiced Zen in both the Korean and Vietnamese traditions, and now studies and practices Vajrayana (Kagyu) Buddhism and is a novice priest of Chan Buddhism (Linji Lineage of HsuYun). His highest aspiration and greatest inspiration is the actual pursuit of happiness – that means his own happiness, coupled – inextricably – with that of all others.

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