Who are we?



Bodhi&Bass is a virtual Zen Hermitage, a branch of the Dharma Winds Zen Sangha, part of the Zen Buddhist Order of HsuYun.

The question which brought Bodhi&Bass into existence was: “How do we fully and authentically embody the truths that we’ve learnt on the spiritual path in everyday life?”. And so, Bodhi&Bass was created as a place to explore Buddhism, arts (every occupation is a kind of art) and the place where they intersect.


The Editor:


me playing (2)Mark ShenJing Gilenson

I play bass. I study Buddhadharma. Those are surprisingly similar things.

You study endlessly, reading, contemplating, getting beaten down by teacher after teacher, and after countless years of practice you find out that you have to do the work all alone. everything and everyone is pointing to something amazing, but they cannot embody it for you.

I use words to describe things that are beyond being described all the time, both regarding Music and Buddhism. For some reason I feel now is the time to share, even if it is only with the bottomless pit of the WWW. I will talk about Buddhism and Music both separately and where they intersect. Before, I didn’t feel like talking about my inner life, but I think it will help me develop my vulnerability further, and perhaps even an occasional reader will find something useful here.

All things fruitful found on this site are all the kindness of countless teachers, who have been nothing but kind to me in pointing to the moon for my pitiful sake. All things poisonous, arrogant, stupid and unskillful found here, are all my own fault, born of beginningless greed, hatred and ignorance.

All merit accumulated through any positive action committed by my walking corpse, I give away fully. May it help all my sentient mother beings in their complete and utter blowing-out.