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Welcome to the Bodhi&Bass Hermitage!dwzs bodhi

Here is a place to learn about how to apply Buddhism in your everyday life, becoming a happier human being and nourishing the society around you. All the while – loosing none of your creative drive.

If you’re brand new to all of this, start by reading what Buddhist Practice is about. Once you’re done, check out the many resources available here to help you on your way:

The Blog is an opportunity to explore these ideas in depth, and to see how they function in daily life.

The Ordinary Mind Meditation Podcast is a free Buddhist meditation course, where you can listen to teachings and practice different techniques used on the Buddhist spiritual path. All in one compact and systematic package.

Practice ://: Resources is the place for resources, where you can learn in-depth about different meditation techniques. hakuin-ekaku

Want to learn more about the Hermitage? Go here. If you’d like to deepen your practice, or require any type of guidance or assistance, feel free and highly encouraged to get in touch. We will always be glad to help you on the path.

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May you be content and at peace.