Lisa Kok, Editor @ Top 20 Global Buddhist Blogs

“Yes: music and Buddhism can indeed mix, and in Bodhi & Bass, this mix is achieved quite perfectly. Bodhi & Bass is a blog that combines elements of music with lessons from the Buddha himself. Through the blog, you will surely be able to appreciate how much music has to do with mindfulness, and how you can actually help yourself to become more mindful in your everyday affairs.”

My first major influence was my grandmother Chaviva Dimenstein, who taught me violin. Even when I switched to guitar, because the violin was annoying to me, and finally to double bass, she still spent many hours every day helping me get better at music. In addition to her, I was blessed to study with many more great teachers, a rare thing to find. Most of them were not bass players at all, but supreme musicians who showed me the most important thing- we don’t learn music in order to play an instrument; we learn an instrument in order to play music. I have been practicing Buddhadharma since about 2008. I started out in a Theravada context, again learning from outstandingly inspiring teachers, then I practiced some Zen, and now I study and practice Vajrayana (Kagyu) and Chan Buddhism (Linji Lineage of HsuYun). My highest aspiration and greatest inspiration is the actual pursuit of happiness- that means my own happiness as well as that of all others.