F2F#1 – Avshalom Ariel

Face2Face with Bodhi&Bass Ep. 1 – Avshalom Ariel

This time, I sit down with Avshalom Ariel. Avshalom, is a composer, producer, guitarist and all-around creative force. Most importantly – he’s a dear friend of mine of many years. Most recently he’s been known as the producer of Netta Barzilai, the 2018 Eurovision Contest Winner. He’s truly and magnificently weird, and if you try to understand what genre he fits into, you’ll at best end up wasting your time completely, and at worst may end up in a strait jacket.
We talked about his hatred of meditation, his discovery that he’s been doing it all along, show business, creativity, #metoo, and much much more.

To learn more about Avshalom and to enjoy his many great creations, go to avshalomariel.com

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