Amitabha: The Wonderful Door of Buddha Recollection

Pure Land Chan

The practice of Mindfulness of the Buddha (Chinese – Nianfo), which is most commonly practiced by reciting the name of Amitabha Buddha, is by far the most popular form of Buddhist practice in the world, although not quite yet in the west.

About this most universal and direct method of cultivation, Master Hsuan Hua said: “With Zen and Pure Land, one is like a tiger with horns, A teacher of humans in this life, a Patriarch or Buddha in the next. With Zen but not Pure Land, nine out of ten go astray. With Pure Land but not Zen, ten thousand cultivate and ten thousand go.”

In this episode, I share a lesson I gave on the Mindfulness and Meditation Discord server (, where I briefly explain the myth and the psychology of Buddha Recitation, and then guide a short practice:

For more details on this wonderful and accessible practice, have a look here:

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