BBPBB#9 Compassion

Bodhi&Bass Presents: Buddhist Bits

#9 Compassion

Short but sweet, Buddhist Bits is presented to you by Bodhi&Bass. Bite sized tips for applying mindfulness in everyday life. This time: Compassion.

Although this saccharine sounding word has by now been reduced to a stereotype of weakness and naivety, in fact it is quite the opposite. True compassion is simply the understanding that, save for pathology, people act for one reason only: happiness. And yet, all too often we take the wrong route on the way there, and end up causing suffering instead. A wish for all to be free of such suffering, is compassion.

In this spirit, Karmapa Rangjung Dorje made this aspiration,

“The true nature of beings is always buddha.
Not realising that, they wander in endless samsara.
For the boundless suffering of sentient beings
May unbearable compassion be conceived in our being.”

In this 3 minute episode, we explore compassion, and learn of a new lens through which to view people’s motivations and actions.

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