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Ordinary Mind Meditation Course is finally here!

A project I’ve been working on for a while is finally under way: a free Buddhist meditation course! In every session some philosophical background is given in a rising degree of difficulty, after which a guided meditation provides techniques for embodying this new knowledge, testing it for oneself and by practicing, turning the knowledge into intuition.

Buddhism Chan Pure Land

Pure Land Chan

This is a bit of a different one. I would like to share a practice that is very dear to my heart, but which could easily be misinterpreted to be some simplistic and superstitious mambo jumbo. To prevent this, I have written an extensive introduction, and compiled and edited writings from great Chan masters throughout the ages teaching on the practice of Nianfo (Skt. Buddhanusmriti – “Buddha Recitation” or “Buddha Recollection”). Below the introduction are links to both the main Nianfo manual of our school, called Taming the Monkey Mind, and to the booklet I’ve prepared. Look superficially, and you’ll miss the point completely. Look deeply and you’ll see the immense benefit this practice can bring to your life.