Ordinary Mind Meditation Podcast

Welcome to the Ordinary Mind Meditation Course where we explore the various practices and skills needed on the spiritual path. Meant for all, from beginner to expert, we will be discussing all the various techniques, skills, facets and possible pitfalls of the Buddhist contemplative path.

In every session of this Buddhist meditation course some philosophical background is given, in a gradually rising degree of difficulty, after which a guided meditation provides techniques for embodying this new knowledge, testing it for oneself and by practicing regularly –  turning the knowledge into intuition.

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If you’d like to hear more about specific points or go into certain techniques more deeply in the next sessions, don’t hesitate to contact us either here or on any of the social networks. Amituofo!


Session I: Introduction to Buddhist Meditation

Session II: Recognizing Thoughts and Emotions

Session III: The Power of Compassion

Session IV: Virtue and Renunciation

Session V: Karma, the Myth of Fate and Free Will