The cool thing about music is that it’s so abstract. It can have specific meaning depending on context, such as social agreement (like a descending fifth in the bass symbolizing an ending in the west) or the text which could dictate the mood of the music. But generally speaking, it is the most abstract way to communicate, where the musician manipulates the emotions of the listeners far more than their intellect.

In my professional musical life, I have found myself developing a far too rigid approach to music, and therefore listening became an exercise in judgment every single time. That brought heaviness and resentment into the experience of music. Single Pointed Listening helped me learn to listen in a way that enriches my life and brings me joy.

So… take a deep breath, quiet down for a minute and listen deeply, focusing on the emotions that come up as you listen:

Isn’t that something. Here are many more of my favorites:


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May you reverse the faculty of hearing, and get totally and utterly blown-out!